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The project:

A secondary school for Ban Bor,
a village in Oudomxay province in Laos

In 2012 we collected the incredible amount of 27.520,- Euro
(or converted 36.815,72 US$) for our school project in Laos.

We received several interim reports and a final report around our construction project
from Room to Read, as well was some photoes.

Now, in 2017, five years later, I visited the school in person,
to see with my own eyes what happened.

And what can I say - I was impressed.

The school grounds currently consist of six buildings:
1 administration building (director, staff rooms, secretariat) made of stone,

1 wooden educational building for Lower Secondary School,

1 educational building in bare brick work for Lower Secondary School as well,

1 library made of stone, equipped with shelfs and books, built in 2009 by Room to Read,

1 educational buildung made of stone with tin roof for Higher Secondary School, built 2013 by Room to Read - this is the building we sponsored,

1 educational building made of stone with tin roof for Higher Secondary School, built 2014 by Room to Read,

All buildings and facilities of the school look very well maintained and clean.
The library is managed and actively used by the students and villagers themselves.
And as we were told, the campus is the center of the village on school-free days, too. Here one can meet to play soccer in the schoolyard, or read in the library or just to spend time together.
The teachers and students, supported by director and many parents, actively shape school life and extend their activities beyond school. So in the near future, for example, a dance competition of several schools shall be organized.

The money collected actually arrived where it should, in the village. And it was used for what it was collected, for the construction of the school building.

All in all, a meaningful investment with great influence to entire village life.

Further on here you find all informations that belong to the project, such as Room to Reads final report.

The history of this project you still find here.

We thank you on behalf of the children!