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The project:

A primary school for a village in Oudomxay province in Laos

Work has started on our school project in January 2013! It shall be finished in August or September. During the next weeks we´ll get an application report and of course we will publish it as soon as possible. Have a look as often as you want.

The story how I decided to collect donations for a school in Laos will you find here. Also
the reason why I choosed "Room to Read" to realize this shall be told here in short.

But now to the project:

I don´t need to explain how important education is. That it is the basis for a self-pased active future design
and not all over the world as a matter of course - that everybody even knows. Also the fact that many conflicts
result from missing or insufficient education is not a secret. That´s why my decision to do something for
education. Many know a lot about my partly close relations to my lao friends. I´ve already been a guest in
this wonderful country three times. So it is logical that Laos is my choice for this charity project. And if
we do something we will do it in a right way. So we will build a school. A primary school it shall be in
a village away from the main cities.

The following works are planed:

- construct a school building for a primary school with 4 rooms and sanitary facilities
- furnish the rooms with ventilators, furniture and whiteboards,
- integrate a library for the schoolboys and -girls,
- equip the library with donated books in english and lao language

The financing:

The school will partly be financed by the village people themselves.
Mainly their part composes of the plot of land and man power of the inhabitants, but
also material and/or small amounts of money are contributed by them. The completive
part of the necessary finances will be taken by us.

Because "Room to Read" is an american organisation the donations are transacted
via Maecenata. This is a foundation which helps to make transnational transfers easier
and more transparent. Here our project is registered under the name "Gebhardt".
Our part is 26.500 Euro, for realizing this project.

Thanks to your donations we got the whole amount and more:
We´ve got 27.520,- Euro (or converted 36.815,72 US$) available!

How we did announce we placed the name of each donator to our table of sponsors.

As soon as we get actual informations in terms of building site and progress we will share them
with you at this place. And we will present the building report with data and fotos here as well.

We already thank you in the cause of the children!